Who are The Vigilant? Meet The Prisoner of Zenga!

Meet the man-made monster programmed with the mind of a master criminal!

10 months ago

Julian Caine thought he could create a willing servant to carry out his petty criminal desires - but he soon learned it was HE who was The Prisoner of Zenga!

With just three days to go until The Vigilant hits shelves, we're giving readers the chance to discover the first appearances of some of the classic characters revived in this brand new title!

Beginning in Valiant in 1975, Professor Gleeson hoped to prevent the loss of great intellectuals by recording their brain patterns and feeding their knowledge into Project Z - a hulking metal robot that could give new life to the greatest minds! But lab assistant Julian Caine had other ideas - he recorded the brain-patterns of the most cunning and ruthless arch-criminal that had ever existed, Max Zenga, and switched the tapes! Caine believed Zenga would be his willing servant- but Zenga has his own plans!

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Zenga is just one of the classic charcters being revived and rebooted in The Vigilant, out on 15th August!

When the evil forces of Von Hoffman and Dr Mesmer team up and pluck the immortal Adam Eterno from the winds of time, all of reality is under threat! Only The Vigilant; a mighty team composed of super-beings, warlocks, warriors and monsters stand between us and total chaos!

Join The Leopard from Lime Street, Steel Commando, Dr. Sin, Pete's Pocket Army, Blake Edmonds, Yao, and Thunderbolt the Avenger on their premiere adventure!

This much-anticipated US-format reboot and reinvention of classic British characters from the 1970s and 1980s features the work of Simon Furman (Transformers), Simon Coleby (Judge Dredd), DaNi (Judge Anderson), Henrik Sahlstrom (Vice Press), Staz Johnson (Catwoman) and many more!

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Watch out for more firsts from the cast of The Vigilant as we had towards V-Day on 15th August!