The 2000 AD ABC #100: The Alienist

We hit a century on the 2000 AD ABC with Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, and Eoin Coveney's spiritualist spitfire The Alienist!

9 months ago

We celebrate our 100th episode of The 2000 AD ABC by heading back to the year 1908 when Professor Sebastian Wetherall and his plucky young assistant Madelyn Vespertine deal with strange events of an apparently occult nature. Except there’s more to this – and them – than meets the eye in… The Alienist!

In Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, and Eoin Coveney's supernatural series, Wetherall (otherwise known as unemployed actor Reggie Briggs) is in fact the straightman to Vespertine, a ruse designed not to arouse suspicion in this deeply patriarchal age and allow her to pry where she’s not wanted...

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